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From the Director 
As of June 30, my term as director of the Center for Hospitality Research will come to an end. I want to take the opportunity to thank the CHR Advisory Board, as well as all the contributors, readers, and participants of the CHR who have been so supportive over the past three years. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the CHR’s director, and I appreciate all the support that the CHR has received that has made it so successful... Read more »
Charging for Restaurant Reservations May Gain Acceptance 
The idea that restaurants would charge money for table reservations seems unlikely, but this practice already occurs in some situations. Additionally, a recent study published by Cornell University finds that some guests would accept this practice, although most study respondents still consider paying separately to be unfair...Read more »
Cornell Study Issues Call for Sustainability in China's Hotels 
Even though growth in China has eased, the nation's hotel industry continues to expand at a rate far exceeding other parts of the world. However, many of the new hotels in China do not meet international sustainability standards, according to a new analysis published by the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration...Read more »
Hotels Managers Shouldn't Overdo Responses to Online Reviews
A new study from Cornell University suggests that hotel guests appreciate substantive responses to negative reviews, but operators should go easy on review responses. The study found that revenue levels increase as the number of management responses increases, but only to a point... Read more »
Award Winning Cornell Studies Analyze Mobile Apps and Hotel Conversions
Two Cornell studies—one analyzing hotel brand conversions and the other surveying travelers' mobile preferences—have been named Industry Relevance Award winners for 2016. The awards were announced Thursday, May 5, in a ceremony at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration... Read more »
Study Shows Value of Matching Up a Restaurant's Concept and Service Style
A study from Cornell University adds a new dimension to the definition of good restaurant service. The study finds that good service means more than just delivering food orders promptly and correctly—although that is vital. In addition, the service style is also an essential element of the service transaction... Read more »
Cornell Study Highlights Current Status of Hotel Management Contracts
Despite the addition of many supporting agreements, today's international hotel management contract bears striking resemblance to the first such contract, signed in 1963 for the Hong Kong Hilton. What has changed over the years, however, is the relative balance and bargaining power of managers and owners... Read more »
The importance of employee engagement: transforming the strategy for a new era
CHR Insights features industry analysis and commentary from Kelly A. McGuire, MMH ’01, PhD ’07, who is a CHR fellow and vice president, advanced analytics, for Wyndham Destination Network. This post features an interview with Michele Sarkisian, a CHR fellow and president of Read more »
Roundtable Examines Positive Relationships at Work
Positive relationships at work are important to success in the hospitality and service industries, in the view of participants in the Positive Relationships at Work Roundtable. The roundtable highlighted the value of positive relationships, which can be a source of individual and collective growth and learning... Read more »
Center for Hospitality Research Announces Discount for Revenue Strategy Summit
Hoteliers attending the fourth annual Revenue Strategy Summit (RSS) are encouraged to take advantage of a discount promoted by the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) in conjunction with CHR member Duetto... Read more »
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