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From the Director 
CHR’s Advisory Board and members play a crucial role in supporting the School of Hotel Administration’s (SHA) research mission. The Board members do this in many ways: their financial support, their time, the data they provide, their participation in research projects and involvement in roundtables, by writing and reviewing CHR Reports, developing cutting edge research ideas, and aiding in the development of SHA faculty... Read more »
Barclaycard US Joins CHR 
Barclaycard US creates customized, co-branded credit card programs for some of the country’s most successful travel, entertainment, retail, affinity, and financial institutions. The business also issues its own Barclaycard branded credit cards. Representing Barclaycard US on the CHR Advisory Board is Bob Highland, who is the head of partnership development for Barclaycard US, responsible for all new partnership efforts as well as the management of relationships with the payment networks.
Text Analytics Reveal the Impact of Guest Sentiment on Hotel Review Scores
Hotel guests often post a review of their stay along with a numerical rating of the hotel, but a new study from the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) finds that the comments and the ratings don't always match up... Read more »
Study Shares Top Executives' Views of Integrity
Despite the essential importance of integrity to corporate leadership, achieving integrity—and even defining it—can be a challenge. A new report outlines several aspects of integrity, with contributions from five top hospitality industry executives... Read more »
Cornell Offers Tool to Assist with Scheduling Food Prep
A new spreadsheet-based tool from Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) is intended both to illustrate and assist with the problem of how to schedule food-service preparation tasks... Read more »
Welcome Center for Hospitality Research Visiting Scholar: Hong “Grace” Jiang, PhD!
Grace is Dean and a Professor, College of Tourism and Food Management at Shanghai Business School. She will be here working collaboratively with Professor Peter Liu through January 2017.
Register for the Cornell Hospitality Thought Leadership Panel
The Cornell Hospitality Thought Leadership Series launches April 11 in Washington, D.C., with a dynamic panel of senior-level women leaders representing sectors across the hospitality industry, convening to discuss brand loyalty... Read more »
Roundtable Examines F&B Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs face numerous internal and external challenges in expanding their operations. This is particularly true of food and beverage businesses, which face such internal issues as building their operating systems and corporate culture as well as such external issues as a crowded and fickle marketplace... Read more »
Exclusive Offer for RSS!
Being held July 7 in D.C., the Revenue Strategy Summit (RSS) brings together over 300 industry thought leaders and practitioners to examine forces reshaping the hospitality industry. Hoteliers who use code CHR will save $50... Read more »
Applications Being Accepted for 2016 Leif Torne PDP Scholarship
The Leif Torne PDP Scholarship is a newly endowed fund that offers three US $1,100 scholarships to interested Professional Develop Program participants who are currently working in Europe. You may apply by completing the application form or by requesting an application from the Office of Executive Education. The completed scholarship application must be submitted with your PDP application and resume. There is a two-session minimum attendance required in order to receive scholarship moneys. Submission deadline is May 2, 2016.
Upcoming Events
April 13
CHR Technology Entrepreneurship Roundtable... more »
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June 2
CHR & CIHLER Positive Relationships at Work Roundtable... more »
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October 24
How Co-production and Authenticity Affect the Future of Experience Design Management Roundtable... more »
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November 7
Sustainability Roundtable... more »
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