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From the Director 
As is now well known, the Cornell Board of Trustees authorized the design and implementation of a plan for a College of Business, comprising the School of Hotel Administration (SHA), the Dyson School of Applied Economics, and the Johnson Graduate School of Management. As a result of this decision, the university has started working with students, faculty, and alumni to help determine what this new College of Business will look like... Read more »
Study Finds Little Damage to Restaurant Industry from Minimum Wage Boosts...So Far 
Federal and state minimum wage increases over the past twenty years have not resulted in fewer restaurants or lower employment in the United States, according to an analysis published by the Center for Hospitality Research in association with the Cornell Institute for Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations (CIHLER)... Read more »
Your Chance to Save $425.00 Ends Soon! 
As a Cornell alumnus or friend, you save $125.00 with Promo Code CHR in addition to the $300.00 Early Bird Savings (ending February 10). Register now to get your $425.00 savings... Read more »
Register Now! Metro Atlanta Chamber Event 
One of the growing pressures on the management seeking strong operational and financial performance comes from energy and operations costs. In the effort to better manage... Read more »
International Hotel Investment Forum 
Over 180 speakers will take part in 45 educational, engaging, and thought provoking sessions across the three-day International Hotel Investment Forum taking place... Read more »
Hotel Improvisation Boosts Guest Satisfaction 
Hotel managers should encourage their employees to improvise service processes, as necessary, with a goal of improving guest satisfaction, according to a new report from the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR). Guests at lower-tier hotels are particularly appreciative when employees break away from established procedures to solve their problems, according to the study, "The Role of Service Improvisation in Improving Hotel Customer Satisfaction."... Read more »
DerbySoft Becomes Corporate Member of CHR 
DerbySoft, a company focusing on global distribution networks for the hospitality industry, has joined the Center for Hospitality Research as a new corporate member. Dario Gonzalez will join the CHR’s advisory board... Read more »
Preferred Hotels & Resorts Joins CHR 
The Center for Hospitality Research has welcomed Preferred Hotels & Resorts as a new corporate member. Susan Devine, Preferred’s senior vice president of strategic development, will join the CHR advisory board... Read more »
The MOOC Is Back, by Popular Demand!  
The FREE online course, Introduction to Global Hospitality Management, is now enrolling. Open to all hospitality industry professionals, this course features renowned Cornell University faculty and industry experts...Read more »
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