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CHR Logo August 23, 2016         
From the Director 
This is an exciting time of year as we get ready to start the academic year, and this also serves as my first update as the director of the CHR. The CHR is entering an exciting phase as we look to grow along with the school as part of Cornell’s new College of Business. The CHR will continue its strong focus on applied research addressing hospitality and service industry issues, as we look to engage with a larger audience of students with interests in hospitality...Read more »
CHR Welcomes Visiting Scholars Yi Lin and Xiaohun Han
Dr. Xiaoyun Han is a professor at the business school at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China, where she has focused her research on customer relationship management. During this academic year, Professor Han will be working with Robert Kwortnik on projects related to tourism management, customer engagement in virtual tourism communities, and customer empowerment...Read more »
Cornell Study Shows Changing Relationship of Supervisors and Employees
Fairness is the beginning of a solid relationship between supervisors and employees, but other factors soon become more important, according to a new study from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (CHR)... Read more »
Study Outlines Improved Hotel Sustainability Benchmarks
The CHR has released the latest benchmarks from an ongoing international project to create default sustainability data for the global hotel industry. The report, compiled by Eric Ricaurte in collaboration with eleven global hotel firms, analyzes data provided for 8,880 properties... Read more »
Analysis Predicts Likely Boost for Hotel Profits
Although the U.S. recovery from the Great Recession has been slow and uneven, unemployment has gradually dropped, and both inflation and labor costs will likely start increasing. An analysis by Jack Corgel shows that hotels should be able to maintain or increase profits in this environment... Read more »
Building a Smart Distribution Strategy
Berry Van Weelden, senior director of sales strategy and operations at, joins Kelly McGuire for CHR Insights. In this series, McGuire presents industry research and guest interviews to address current industry issues... Read more »
Analysis Finds Reasons for Upscale Restaurants to Abandon Tipping
Recent debates over raising the minimum wage and lowering tip credits have renewed interest in the question of whether restaurants should replace tipping with service charges or higher service-inclusive menu pricing. Indeed, a number of restaurants ended tipping last year... Read more »
Blog Features Faculty Research Highlights
Industry practitioners and academics alike can keep up with the latest in faculty research in a convenient blog format. Recent posts feature how hoteliers can choose the right amenities, ways to improve long-distance team collaboration, and which features attract potential on-line guest bookings... Read more »
Social Entrepreneurs Outline Challenges and Successes
Mission-driven companies that provide needed community services face the same issues that affect all businesses, but social entrepreneurs also see multiple benefits from their operations, as detailed in the first Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship Enterprises Roundtable... Read more »
2016 Hawai’i Tourism Conference
CHR Director Chris Anderson will be leading a session of the Hawai’i Tourism Conference in Honolulu. In a presentation set for September 29, Anderson will focus on the revenue and demand impacts of socially engaging with consumers, by presenting an examination of the effects on hotel performance of reviews posted on TripAdvisor.
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