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May 21, 2015

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From the Director

Roundtables and Advisory Board: Sharing Research Information
An important part of CHR’s mission is to increase knowledge. This process becomes a two-way street when our Advisory Board meets, and when we sponsor roundtables. We have hosted both the board and roundtables in recent weeks, with the beneficial results outlined in this more.


Study Finds Travelers Want More Mobile Options
As the hospitality industry gradually ramps up its mobile platforms, a new study finds that travelers are ready to use their smartphones and tablets for far more than is currently possible. The study of 754 U.S. travelers, by Heather Linton and Robert Kwortnik, also found that privacy remains a concern—even though many travelers are willing to share personal information in exchange for special offers and more.

Roundtable Aims to Re-launch Loyalty Programs

Hospitality industry loyalty programs should involve far more than just points and price discounts. Instead, the goal should be to create genuine loyalty. Participants in the first Loyalty Management Roundtable focused on how to move hospitality loyalty programs off dead center, and to find ways to make customers truly more.

Entrepreneurs Focus on Successful Hospitality Startups
Strange as it may sound, the end game is one of the first things to think about when someone starts a business. As discussed in this year's inaugural Hospitality Entrepreneurship Roundtable, one of the best moves that entrepreneurs can make when they start out is to be sure that their concept and processes can scale for more.

Report on Hospitality Loyalty Programs Wins Industry Relevance Award

A report demonstrating the value of hotel loyalty programs has won the 2015 Industry Relevance Award. The report, "Assessing the Benefits of Reward Programs: A Recommended Approach and Case Study from the Lodging Industry," offers a graduated set of methods for hotels to measure the effects of their guest loyalty more.

Help Us Spread the Word!
The 2015 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities at the School of Hotel Administration is looking for veterans interested in starting a food & beverage-based business. We are currently accepting applications and would appreciate your help spreading the word. Learn more or apply now!.

Recent Events
Technology Entrepreneurship Roundtable
This Roundtable engaged over 30 leading participants from diverse backgrounds—including start-ups, venture capital firms, academe, and the federal government. Mona Anita K. Olsen, PhD, chaired the roundtable, which featured both industry leader and student perspectives as well as a federal government perspective, provided by the former United States Ambassador to The Kingdom of Norway, Barry White. She described it as a 5-session, "25,200-second" more

Sustainability Roundtable Highlights
The hospitality industry continues its progress toward global sustainability and remains committed to further improvement. Participants discussed this progress in the context of the impact of sustainability certifications on hotel performance, how sustainability programs affect tradeshow attendee satisfaction, and the effects on guest satisfaction of sustainability more.

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