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January 28, 2015

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"Cyborg" Study Focuses on the Combination of Technology with Customer Service
As hotels and other hospitality firms increasingly rely on technology for guest services, a key question is how to integrate the human and technical aspects of those services for maximum customer satisfaction. A CHR study by Cornell Assistant Professor Michael Giebelhausen examines the interaction of high tech and high touch at a hotel front desk and explains how technology can improve guest satisfaction while also maintaining the connection between employees and guests...see more.

Study Introduces a "Canary" for Hotel Loan Delinquencies

A study from Cornell introduces a new metric that gives an early warning of distress in the hotel mortgage market. This new "canary in the coal mine" is called the relative risk premium, which is based on the changes in the loan rates charged on hotel loans as compared to loans for office buildings...see more.

Study Highlights Customers' Role in Service Quality

A new study from the CHR examines how the location or context of a service facilitates or constrains customer-employee relationships and thereby affects service dynamics. Using the cruise ship as an ad hoc laboratory, the study identifies four types of service relationships in the shipboard environment: the passenger as expert, the passenger as manager, the passenger as friend, and the passenger as a team member....see more.

Loyal Sports Fans Focus on Complete Service Experience
The most loyal sports fans have very different expectations from first-time customers, according to a study published by the CHR...see more.

Report Demonstrates the Power of Management Integrity

Taking actions that match your stated priorities – and not stating priorities you do not back up with action – are keys to effective management, as explained in a new report from Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research (CHR). The report, "What Message Does Your Conduct Send? Building Integrity to Boost Your Leadership Effectiveness," by Tony Simons, demonstrates the beneficial effects of management integrity in several industries, including banking, healthcare, and hospitality...see more.

Online Tools Offer Stronger Presentations and Better Decisions
Two new online tools from the CHR are designed to help people make stronger presentations and to help travelers determine which tradeshow would be best for their purposes...see more.
SHA Updates

Register for Free Online Course in Global Hospitality Management
The hospitality industry employs one in eleven people worldwide and boasts growth well over double that of global GDP, making hospitality management a red-hot opportunity for those with the desire, ambition, and keen interest in the business of service to make a career of it. In February, SHA will offer a free six-week MOOC (massive open online course) titled Introduction to Global Hospitality Management, led by four members of SHA’s renowned faculty and featuring veteran industry experts.

Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Podcasts
A new series of podcasts provides authors’ insights on articles published in The Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (CQ). The CQ is a peer reviewed, scholarly journal that is published by Sage in association with the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. The CQ publishes theoretically rich, research-based articles that provide timely hospitality management implications. It is a leading source for the latest research findings with strategic value addressing a broad range of topics that are relevant to the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries...see more.

HR in Hospitality Conference

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Register by March 2 with Promo Code CHR to get the Cornell rate of only $920 for the HR in Hospitality Conference, March 16 - 18, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. At this one-of-a-kind event, you'll hear firsthand accounts of how HR initiatives will help you meet overall business goals of enhancing customer service to create loyal customers — and ultimately increase revenue.

Cornell Real Estate Roundtable Notes New Retail Trends
The inaugural Cornell Real Estate Roundtable brought together experts in retail, mall development, and hospitality asset management. Held in summer 2014, the roundtable noted the strength in retail at the upper and lower ends of the market, while mid-market retailers struggle. An outgrowth of that trend is the redevelopment of malls to include a greater number of tenants offering services and entertainment. Despite the growth and importance of data regarding commercial development, there remains no substitute for personal examination and discussion. The roundtable was co-chaired by Associate Professor Peng (Peter) Liu and Assistant Professor Ben Lawrence. Read the proceedings.
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